Biomechanics – The handbook for rehabilitation of horses


This book is a unique information package for all those interested in equine massage, and for grooms and coaches who wish to educate themselves further in the field of muscle health and injury prevention.

  • Hardcover books tolerate moisture and the stable environment, allowing for storage in the tack room for immediate use.
  • Size: 24,5 x 19 x 1,5cm
  • Pages: 187

”ABC of the Horse Biomechanics” on englanninkielinen versio ”Hevosen ABC Biomekaniikka”  kirjasta.

HUOM! Jos haluat tilauksen toimitettavan muualle kuin Suomeen, ole hyvä ja tilaa kirjat kirjan englanninkieliseltä sivustoltamme tai ota meihin yhteys lomakkeella.

Osastot: , ISBN: 9789526813004.


The ABC of the Horse Biomechanics is an essential handbook for all horse owners and professionals dealing with the rehabilitation of horses. In equestrian educational establishments, this book is the perfect companion. Lavishly illustrated, the handbook delves into the prevention, identification, examination, and treatment of injuries. It supports the horse’s well-being by serving as a guide in massage, identifying ailments, stretching exercises, and treatment planning, to name but a few important purposes.


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